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Proceedings (PSAN) 1855-1956

The Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne (PSAN) began in 1855 as a printed record of the monthly meetings of the Society, and also of its excursions (called 'country meetings'). With some gaps, it continued in this form, in parallel with Archaeologia Aeliana, until 1956. It contains many lively accounts of our doings. For example, the April 1885 edition has a report of the formal opening of our Museum in the Black Gate, with many details of its contents. The December 1885 edition has reminiscences of the first Pilgrimage to Hadrian's Wall in 1849, as well as some strong abuse of the ‘body of Goths and Vandals, who styled themselves “A Restoration Committee”, and who acted under the advice of the most eminent local architect of the day.’ (John Dobson, in 1858)

PSAN is in the process of being digitised, and will in due course go to Archaeology Data Service at York University to go on their website, for general access to the public (as AA is already). It will also be available through our website. The process for PSAN is sufficiently far advanced for us to make it available to members via Dropbox as a temporary home, while further necessary work continues to get it ready for ADS. Please note some warnings;

Follow this link to see the PSAN pdfs. You do NOT need to have a Dropbox account, and you will NOT be downloading any software onto your computer.

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