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Archaeologia Aeliana


Archaeologia Aeliana is the Society's journal. Members of the Society receive copies each year as part of their annual subscription. The current year's volume is normally only available to members, but they and non-members may buy copies of earlier volumes if available.

Volumes of Archaeologia Aeliana, except the most recent,  also freely available online at Archaeological Data Services. Online access to the last 5 volumes is restricted to individual (not institutional or exchange) members only. For these, follow this link for the log-in page (if not already logged in), and then go to the 5th Series Contents page, or the 6th series, vol 1 contents page.

The on-line contents pages provide a comprehensive listing of the contents of all volumes of Archaeologia Aeliana. You can also search our database for particular titles and authors. This database is sensitive to alternative spellings of titles. It is also searchable by author's surname, with a number of features to make it easier to find an item where one is not sure of the exact name or spelling.

Note, the links on this search engine are still to digital copies available via Google Books or other archives, rather than to the free content available via ADS. So having found details of a particular article, you will need either to;

- You can go online to ADS direct, and do a search there

-  go to the Contents pages for AA, and follow through from there.

Apologies for this; in due course the search engine will be brought up to date.

Please note;  New subscribers receive the volume dated for their first year of subscription (so subscribers in 2023 will receive the 2023 volume when it is published).

History of Archaeologia Aeliana

As was frequently the case with periodicals at that time, the first volumes were published in parts over a period of time, and subscribers were expected to have the parts bound together when a volume was completed. Volume 1 was published in 1822. It appeared intermittently at first, but for the last hundred years one volume has been published each year. The journal covers all aspects of the history of North-East England, ranging from archaeology (including excavation reports) and buildings to historical and documentary research, and from prehistory to the present. It has always been an important vehicle for the publication of research on Hadrian's Wall and the Romans in North-East England.

Our Proceedings are also available, currently on Dropbox; follow this link for these files. In due course they will also be included in the ADS archive.

Submitting papers

Please note that while papers may be submitted at any time, typically they must be received by the Society before 15 January if they are to be considered for publication in that year’s volume.  All submissions should conform to the journal's style sheet, as set out in the Instructions for Contributors. All papers are refereed by at least one external, anonymous, reviewer before being accepted for publication.

For all other queries, please contact the Editor, Don O'Meara, by e-mail



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