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The 'Prince Henry' silver penny

The silver penny, which is about the size of a modern penny, is not only rare but is also in excellent condition. It was minted in Carlisle between 1136 and 1152 for Henry, crown prince of the Scottish throne and Earl of Northumberland and Huntingdon. At the time of minting, much of northern England was under Scottish dominion due to the conflict between Stephen and Matilda, the rival claimants to the English throne. This is the first coin of its type to be added to the Antiquaries collection, and a timely reminder that Northumberland was once part of Scotland. 

It was found by Mr Brian Gray while searching with a metal detector in the Alnwick district of Northumberland. It was not declared Treasure as it is a single item.

The coin was purchased by the Society with the help of the V&A Purchase Grant Fund and the Headley Museums Archaeological Acquisition Fund.

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