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Our latest news bulletin is issue 62, dated June 2017.

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 Events in the region

Follow these links to find out more about events organised by others in the North East (or occasionally further afield if they involve our members), this month and through the year. If you know of an event that might interest our members, please e-mail the website editor with full details.


  • Members interested in following up the history of the Ouseburn Valley and Victoria Tunnel, after our Summer Social visit last week, might like to know that the Ouseburn Trust are holding a series of summer walks (pre-booking essential) between now and the end of August. £4, or free to Ouseburn Trust members). It is also possible to book tours (individual or groups) of the Victoria Tunnel.
  • We would like to set up a new rota of ‘meeters and greeters’ for our Monthly Meetings at the Mining Institute. It involves arriving half an hour or so early at the Institute, and hovering round the door to welcome anyone who is new or uncertain about the lecture. Please e-mail Rosie Serdiville if you can help
  • Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society has given its members (including ourselves as an Exchange member) access to its journal Hampshire Studies online. Go to the Members' Section of our website for more details.
  • Thos Proctor and Sons is a local company first recorded as a trading enterprise in 1798. The Company Secretary has contacted us to see if any volunteers are interested in working with him to create a historical profile of the company based on their substantial archives,  and maybe a small display to be presented to the current family members that are still involved. Send us an e-mail if interested.
  • The free Palaeography class being run as part of the HLF-funded Unlocking the Archives project has proved so popular that Council have agreed that the Antiquaries should pay for a re-run. It will run on Wednesday evenings, 6.00-8.00, from 26 April to 17 May, then a week off, and then 31 May to 14 June. Follow this link for an application form, and do pass details on to non-members as well - it's open to all.

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 Recently published; books of interest

David's recent book, Bearsden: A Roman Fort on the Antonine Wall, is also now available from Archaeopress in paperback, at a discounted price of £16; follow this link for the order form. Published by the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, hardback copy normally £30


More new books of interest to members


Recent Deaths

Note; for biographical details of many our deceased members, going back to the earliest history of the Society, follow this link for the SANT Biographical Directory. This document was first put together, with considerable research, by Barbara Harbottle, and is being kept up to date now by Sue Ward. Any comments, additional material, and references (in print or on the web) will be gratefully received by her.

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We have a Facebook page, a  Twitter account, and a regular e-mail circular. If you are a member and would like to be included on the e-mailing list, please e-mail the website editor.

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