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5th Series, 1973-

Archaeologia Aeliana, 5th Series, vol 41, 2012


Saville, Alan:  Three Early Bronze Age flint daggers from north Northumberland and their typological context. 1–17
Proctor, Jennifer:  The Needles Eye enclosure, Berwick-upon-Tweed. 19–122
Graafstal, Erik P.:  Hadrian's haste: a priority programme for the Wall. 123–84
Platell, A. C.:  Excavations on Hadrian's Wall at Melbourne Street, Newcastle upon Tyne. 185–206
Tomlin, R. S. O.:  Not to mention the tablets: Vindolanda's other inscriptions. 207–15
Ward, Sue:  Church and state in eighth-century Northumbria: Alcuin's York poem. 217–36
Sieberger, Irene:  Reconstructing the Rothbury Cross: how the discovery of one mistake changes almost a century of scholarship. 237–50
Kirton, Joanne, and Young, Graeme:  An Anglo-Saxon mortar-mixer at Bamburgh Castle. 251–8
Lewis, Marilyn A.:  Henry Atherton MD: Town's Physician of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1682–1700. 259–77
Bailey, Richard N.: The Acklington 'Warriors Stone': early medieval or modern? 279–83
Museum Note:
Manolopoulou, Vicky:  An Islamic oil lamp from Fustat. 285–8
Book Reviews. 289–99


Obituaries: Barbara Harbottle (1931–2012). 301–2
Brian Dobson (1931–2012). 303–4

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