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Page 126, Three articles of religious conformity

The 3 Articles mentioned in ye 36th
Canon of ye Booke of Canons published
in ano 1604 N:B: the
Booke of Cannos published in 1633
where in these articles are found 1. That ye Kings Matie under God is ye only supreme governour
according to the above sd citation of this Realme and of all other his highnesses Dominions & Countries
saith they were made ano 1603 as well in all spirituall or Ecclesiasticall things or causes, as Temporall
And yt no forreigne Prince Person Prelate State or Potentate
hath or ought to have any jurisdiction power superiority preheminence
or authority Ecclesiasticall or spirituall wtin his Maties sd Realmes
Dominions & Countries.
2. That ye Booke of Common prayer, & of ordering of Bps Priests
& Decons (a) & Homilies containeth in it nothing contrary to ye word of
a) the word Homilies is left out in God. And yt it may lawfully so be used. And yt he himselfe will
ye aforesd booke of Canons use ye forme in ye sd Book prescribed in publick prayer & admi
nistration of ye Sacraments & none other.
3. That he alloweth ye Book of Articles of Religion agreed
upon by ye Arch Bps and ye Bps of both provinces & ye whole Clergie in
ye convocation holden at London in ye yeare of our Lord God 1562. And
yt he acknowledgeth all & every ye articles therein conteined being
in number 39 besides ye Ratification, to be agreable to ye word of God.
Istis Praedictis tribis articulis subscribendi*[*]
forma (b) Ego A.B. in Artibus ec instituendus in Rectoriam de in Comitatu
(b) licet hac forma utantur omnes ec istis tribis articulis praedictis ex animo subscribo: Nihil in iis contineri
in subscriptionibus suis praefa quod non sit consentaneum regulo Christianae fidei et doctrinae veteris
tis nihilominus Canonorum liber et novi testatmenti
hanc verborum formam illis pr me ec
injunxit (viz.) I N:N. doe
willingly & ex animo* subscribe
to these three articles above
mentioned & to all things yt are
conteined in them
Translation of Latin
These are to be written underneath
the aforesaid three articles
form (b)
(b) it is legal for all these forms to I A.B., X of arts, being appointed to the position
be used in their aforesaid subscriptions, of Rector of in the County of X subscribe sincerely
nevertheless the book of Canons specified to these aforesaid three articles. (I believe) that there
this form of words (that is to say) is nothing contained therein which is not in
agreement with the rule of the Christian faith and the
. teaching of both the old and the new testaments
by me X

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