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Page 125, Form of words used for ordination of deacons

Litterarum Ordinum Tenore praesentium nos J. Providentia divina R. Episcopus
Diaconatus forma Notum facimus Universis quod die Dominico. S. Trinitatis. Viz
v. die mensis M. Anno Domini ec in Capella nostra sive Oratorio
apud Domum nostrum mansionalem infra Parochiam de . Dioces.
nostrae R. Nos praefatus Episcopus sacros ordines (Dei omnipotentis
praesidio) celebrantes. Dilectum nobis in Christo. Jo. in artibus magistrie
(a)Si litterae fuerint pro Presbytera- Collegii de ec in Academia C socium (a) de vita sua laudabili ac more
-tus ordine supple per nos (vel per et vertutum suarum donis nobis in hac parte commendatum sufficiens
talem Episcopum) antea in Diaco- intitulatum Nec non in sacrarum litterarum doctrina et scientia eruditum
-num Ordinatum et a nobis examinatum et approbrobatum ad Sacrum Diaconatus Ordinem
juxta morum et ritum Ecclesiae Anglicanae in ea parte pie et salub-
rime etitum et provisum admisimus. $Ipsumq$ primitus de agnoscendo
Regiam supremam potestatem et authoritatem tam in rebus Ecclesias
ticis quam Civilibus. Ac de debita allegiantia et fidelitate Regiae subli
mitati ejusque, Successoribus praestanda juxta Statutorum formam in
eo casu nuper editam, et stabilitam juramento Corporali oneratum
(b)in Presbyterum rite ec. Subscriptisque Articulis susceptae religionis infra hoc regnum Angliae
editis, et promulgatis) (b) in diaconusm ordinem rite et Canonice ordinavi
(c)a cui quidem ad In cujus rei mus et promovimus tunc et ibidem (c) Cui quidem Jo. Sic ordinato Nos
omittitur Episcopus ante dictus facultatem Diaconi officium exercendi juxta
morem et ritum praedictos in Domino concedimus per praesentes.
In cujus rei testimonium Sigillum nostrum Episcopale praesentibus
apponi fecimus Datis die mensis praedicto Annoque Domini supra
dictis, Nostraque consecrationis Anno. ec
Form of words for the ordination By the agreement of these present we, J., by divine providence
of a deacon Bishop of R., make it known to all that on the Lord’s day, the second after
trinity, that is on the 5th day of the month of M. in the year of our Lord N,
in our Chapel or Oratory in our mansion-house in the parish of . in our
Diocese R, we, the aforesaid Bishop are ordaining to holy orders (with the
protection of almighty God).
(a) If this ordinal is used for the Jo., our beloved in Christ, master of arts, fellow of X College of C University, (a)
ordination of a priest add “formerly has been commended to us in this matter for his praiseworthy life, his character and
ordained Deacon by us (or by an the gifts of his virtues, and is sufficiently qualified. He is also learned in the
equivalent Bishop)” teaching and knowledge of the holy scriptures and has been examined and approved by us.
We have admitted and advanced him to the Holy Order of Deacon, according to the customs
and rites of the Anglican Church, in that holy and beneficial way.
He has himself acknowledged the supreme power and authority of the Crown in both
Ecclesiastical and Civil matters. And he was made answerable by corporal oath for
the firmness of his due allegiance and loyalty to his Royal highness and his successors,
according to the form of the laws lately proclaimed for this case. And he subscribed to
the articles of received religion proclaimed and published in this kingdom).
(b) as Priest in the proper way .. We ordained and promoted him then and there (b) as Deacon in the proper way and
according to the Canons.
(c) from ‘Indeed’ to ‘In witness’ is (c) Indeed, we, the aforesaid Bishop, have granted, through this document,
omitted to that Jo., so ordained, the authority to exercise the office of Deacon according
to the aforesaid customs and rituals.
In witness of this act we have appended our Episcopal seal to this document.
Given on the day, month and year of our Lord written above, and in the year N
of our consecration.

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