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Certificate of a Doctorate awarded in 1630 by Cambridge University to John Cosin.

Littera testimoniales pro Henricus Rich Comes Hollandiae Baro de Kensington Camera Cubilis
Doctoris gradu Regiae Majestati Generosorum unus Periscelidis Georgianae eques auratus
Regiae Majestati a sanctioribus consilijs Constabularius de Winsor* et
Alma Universitatu Cantebrigiae Cancellarius, Magistri et Sholares*
ejusdem. Omnibus Christi fidelibus praesentes has litteras inspecturis
vel audituris salutem in Domino Sepiternam*. Etsi venerabilis et
doctissimus vir Johannes Cosins proprijs ingenij et doctrinae ornamentis
facilime poteril* apud quos in inclarescere, ut nostro testamonio parum
egeat. Nos tamen Cancellarius, Magistri et Scholares ante dicti quan-
-tum in nobis est, meritissimum virum hisce nostris litteris comendata
insuper et cohonestatum apud omnes esse volumus; Eundemque Johannem
Cosins ad gradum Doctoratus in Sacra Theologia Anno Domini milles-
imo Sexcentesimo, tricesimo admissum fuisse certificamus; Atque eidem
omnes et singulas dignitates, honores, insignia jura, et privilegia
qua ad illum gradum, et ordinem spectant concessimus. Proinde
etiam atq etiam omnes Christi fideles et litterarum studiosos
Academiae nostrae nomine oratos esse volumus, ut qui illius gradui,
doctrinae et morum probitati honos debetur, eum huic doctissimo viro
praestare nongraventur. Datum Cantabrig. Sub sigillo nostro commisii
Octavo die mensis Octobris Anno Domini millesimo sexcentesimo trices
Testimonial for a Doctorate Henry Rich Earl of Holland, Baron of Kensington, Gentleman of the Royal
Bedchamber, one of the Knights of the Order of the Garter of St George, member of
His Majesty’s Privy Council, Constable of Windsor and Chancellor
of the beloved University of Cambridge, Masters and Scholars of the same.
Greetings in this letter, in the name of the Eternal Lord, from all those faithful in Christ
to all those by whom it may be seen or heard. As the honoured and most learned man John Cosins,
through his own ability and distinguished learning will easily, in everyone’s opinion,
become famous, so then is our our testimony scarcely necessary.
However, Chancellor, Masters and Scholars aforementioned, as far as it lies within us, we wish to
by this letter to commend this man, most meritorious
in addition honoured amongst all; And we certify that the same John Cosins has been admitted to the
Doctorate in Sacred Theology in the Year of our Lord One thousand Six Hundred and Thirty;
And moreover to this same person we have granted all and singular offices of dignity,
honours and privileges which pertain to such a level. Therefore we wish to beg all you faithful in Christ
and learned in letters, in the name of our Academy, that they should not hesitate to grant this
most learned man the honour which is due to his education and habits of probity.
Given at Cambridge. Under the Seal of our Commission on the Eighth day of October in the Year
of Our Lord one thousand six hundred and thirty.

Note: Usually spelt Cosins today. Later Bishop of Durham (1660-72)

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