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Page 118, Will, Titus Angus, 30 January 1706, p 2.

And with ye sd Tenemt Enjoyed containing by Estimacon
three Acres of Ground whether it be more or less late the
possession of John Dunning Yeom And alsoe all yt water
corn mill comonly called or known by ye name of ye Black-
hall corn mill & alsoe one kilne for ye drying of oates to
ye sd mill belonging & yt close of Ground to ye same adjoyning
called ye mill Close upon wch close or some part thereof ye
sd water corn mill is built late in ye possession of Robert
Johnson And alsoe those two fulling mills lying and
being at Blackhall aforesd Wth ye Appurtences being
part & parcell of ye Capitall Messuage called Blackhall
of ye yearly rent of four shillings and alsoe all those
Closes & parcells of Ground hereafter menconed being
part & parcell of ye sd Tenemt called Blackhall lying
in parish of Hexham & County of Northumberland
late in ye possession of Michael Maughen All yt close of
Arable ground called Howtrowes* & another parcell of
Arable ground called ye Brickfield (als Birkfield) lying
on ye East side of a certain wall lately built by me ye sd
Titus Angus one other close called ye Birks adjoyning
on a close of me ye sd Titus Angus on ye North & all that
part of ye East pasture lying on ye East Side of an hedge
late built by John Mowbray Gen wch sd hedge extends
Cross through’t ye sd pasture northward to a Hedge
adjoyning upon ye Lee Loaning* or land on ye East Side of
ye Gate leading from ye sd pasture to Smelting Sike of the
yearly rent of one Shilling To ye use & behoofe of John
Angus of Rawhouse in ye County of Northumberland
& John Usher of Broomhaugh in ye County aforesd Yeom
their heirs & Assignes To have & to hold to them their
heires & Assignes for ever according to ye Custome of ye sd
mannor to & for such uses Intents & purposes as I by
my last Will & Testamt nominat & appoint now
my will & pleasure is Imps That all my Debts wch I
owe to any person or persons whatsoever & alsoe my
funerall Expenses shall be fully pd & discharged Item I
give & bequeath unto my daughters Mary & Hannah
each of them ye Sum of thirty pounds lawfull English
money to be pd them their Exes or Admin within Twelve
months after my decease by my Executrix hereaft named

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