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Page 96, Will, John Thirlwall, p 2; Inventory, John Thirlwall, 1 March 1703/4

the rest of my household goods and my weareing Cloathes Item I give
unto Peter Thirlwall my Brother One Waine with ye. rest of my Husbandry
Geer whom I make my Executor: Lastly my Will and pleasure is that my
Oxen and Sheep and Kine shall be equally divided amongst these four
that is to say my Brother Peter and his Two sons John and George
and Elizabeth Carr the Cropp answering the Rent and this I make
my last Will and Testament In Witnesse whereof I have hereunto
sett my hand & seale the day and year first above written Read
signed sealed and published in the presence of us John Winter George
Winter, William Winter
John Thirlwall
March ye. first 170¾
A true and perfect Inventary of all the Goods and Chattells
of John Thirlewall late deceased which he dyed seized and
possessed off now by us apprized
£ : s : d
Item Horse Purse and apparrel 03 : 00: 0:
Item Brass and Pewther 00 : 08: 0:
Item Pott Crooke and Tongs 00 : 03: 0:
Item Cupboard Bedd & other Wooden Vessell 01 : 02: 6:
Item Wheeles and Waine 01 : 10: 6:
Item Four Kine One Oxe One Steare one Heffer 08 : 10: 0:
Item Fifty Six Sheep 08 : 12: 0:
Item Bigg* and Oates 00 : 12: 0:
23 : 18: 0:
Debts Funerall expences and Servants Wages 06 : 11: 0:
William Winter
Nicholas Stokey

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