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Page 82, Will, William Bowman, 25 September 1700, p 1

In the Name of God Amen I William Bowman
of Ridlamhope in the parish of Hexham and County of
Northumberland Yeom being weak in Body but of good &
perfect memory thanks be to Almighty God for the
same And knowing the uncertainty of this life upon Earth
and being desirous to settle things in Order doe make &
ordaine this my last Will and Testament in manner and
forme following (vizt) First I commend my soule into ye
hands of Almighty God my Creatr firmly hopeing for full
pardon and full remission of all my Sins through the
Blood and meritts of my blessed saviour and Redeemer
Jesus Christ, And my Body to be buryed in such decent
mannr as my Executr hereafter named shall think fitt
and convenient; Item I Give and bequeath unto my
Daughter Frances Young the Sume of Twenty Shillings Item
I Give and bequeath unto my Daughter Jane Collingwood ye
sume of Tenn Shillings, Item I Give & bequeath unto my
Sonn Joseph Bowman his heires and Assignes my Lease and
Title of my Tenement of Land call’d the Pow in Rookehope
in the parish of Stanhope and County of Durham with the
premisses and appurtenances thereunto belonging upon
Condition and in Consideration That my Sonn Joseph
be Tutor or Guardian to my Neece Jane during her Minority
and pay unto my Neece Jane Bowman when she comes to
full Age or doe Marry the Sume of Fifty five pounds
current English money due for her Portion
Item all the rest of my Goods and Chattells moveable
and immoveable, and personall Estaite whatsoever
I Give and bequeath unto my Sonn Joseph Bowman
upon Condition he shall pay all my Debts Legacyes
and funerall Expences and I doe make him Sole
Executor of this my last Will and Testament
revokeing all former Wills and Testaments by
me formerly made; In Witnesse whereof
I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the

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