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Page 77, Inventory, Joseph Bell, 27 November 1700; Will, Henry Fenwick, 2 December 1703, p 1

+4Bell Joseph A true & pfect Invry of all & Singular ye Goods & Chattells moveable
and immoveable reall & psonall of Joseph Bell late of Hexham in
the County of Northumberland Carpenter decd, valued & apprized the
Seven & Twentieth day of November Annoq Rni Willmi tertii*
nri Rx Angliae &c Duodecimo Anno Dni 1700*: by us whose names
are hereunto subscribed as followeth :
£ s d
Inps his Apparrell & Purse valued & apprized at 03 : 6 : 8
Item in the house One Old Bedstead with An Old feather bedd Curtaines &}
other furniture, One Table One Chaire, One forme, one old Chaire with } 00 : 15 : 0
other wood Utensils valued at }
Item fender Brasse & Iron Grate valued at 01 : 1 : 8
Item One Trunke with Linnen 01 : 06 : 8
Item One feather bedd, two Coverletts, One Codd* & other old Woollen Cloathes 00: 12 : 0
Item three Kine One Shepe & one Calfe valued at 07 : 10 : 0
Item one Galloway Mare valued at 2 : 15 : 0
Item Corne & Hay valued at 08 : 00 : 0
Sume 25 : 7 : 0
Apprizers names: funerall Expenses 07 : 10 : 0
Wm. Gardiner
Ro: Nicholson Reste 17 : 17 : 0
William Bell
Fenwick} In the Name of God Amen I Henry Fenwick of
Henry } Hexham in the County of Northumberland yeom being sick & weak
of Body but of sound & perfect memory praised be God for it doe make
and ordaine this my last Will & Testament in manner & forme following
(that is to say) first I commend my soule into the hands of Almighty God
my Creatr hopeing assuredly through ye meritts Death & passion of
Jesus Christ my saviour & Redeemer to obtain full & free pardon
of All my sinns & to inheritt Eternall life And my Body I give to the
Earth from whence it came to be buried in such decent & Christian
manner as by my Executrix hereafter named shall be though fitt
and convenient And as for such worldy Estate as it hath pleased
Almighty God to bestow upon me I give and dispose thereof as
followeth Item I give legate & bequeath unto my Eldest sonn
Robert Fenwick the sume of Eighty pounds of lawfull English
money to be payd by my Executrix hereafter named within
Twelve months next after my decease & as herein after is
nominated and appointed Item I give & devise unto my said sonn
Robert Fenwick All that my Messuage Tenement & Farmhold
of Land scituate lying & being in Whelpington in the sd County
and all my Right and Title to the same Except one Third part
thereof which I doe hereby give and devise unto my loving
wife Elizabeth Fenwick during the tearme of her naturall
life Item I give devise & bequeath unto my sonn William Fenwick
All that my Messuage Tenement or Farmhold with ye appurteces

Note: Inventory, Joseph Bell; and Will, Henry Fenwick, p1

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