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Page 71, Will, William Corey, 15 October 1701, p 2; Inventory, 3 November 1701

that I shall receive pardon of all my sins & be saved by the precious
Death and merits of my blessed Saviour & Redeemer Christ Jesus and
my body to the earth from whence it came to be buried in decent and
Christian manner as to my Executor hereafter named shall think fitt
& meet and as touching my worldly Estate which the Lord in his
mercy lent me the same shall be bestowed as hereafter by this my
Will is expressed. First I give & bequeath my house in Hencots in
Hexham aforesaid to my loving wife Cathren Corey and to my Brother
Edward Corey during their naturall lives and after their Death
the said house to come & to be unto Robert Corey for ever he paying
at what time he enters to ye said house the sume of five pounds to
my Daughter Mary Item I give and bequeath unto my Brother
Edward Corey the sume of five pounds to be payd him by my
Executor and Lastly I give and bequeath all my other Goods and
Chattels to Cathren Corey my wife moveable & unmoveable what
soever and doe make her my sole Executor of this my last Will &
Testament & I doe hereby renounce frustrate & make void all
former and other Wills made & declared and doe make & appoint this
onely to be my last Will & Testament As Witnesse my hand the day &
yeare first above written. John Wilkinson Thomas Caward Thomas
Crage Will Stokoe
William Corey
November ye 3 1701
A true amd perfect Inventarie of all the Goods & Chattells
of William Correy late of Hexham Deceased £ : s : d:
His Purse and Apparrell 01: 00: 0:
One Cupboard One Press & one Cawel 00: 11: 0:
Two Tables One Chair & one Iron Pott Two Brass panns 00: 06: 8:
Two Chists One Bedstead two Happins* One pair of } 00: 07: 0
Sheets and one dozen of Leather }
One Pewter Dish with other small things and some } 00: 04: 8:
old Wood Vessell }
Debts oweing to him 05: 13: 3:
in all 08: 02: 7:
Laid out for funerall expences 01: 00: 0:
Paid to Doctors and Apothecaryes 02: 05: 0:
Apprised by us
Rich: Robson
John Smith
Thomas Caward

Note: also spelt Correy

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