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Page 69, Will, Robert Nicholson, p 2

by the mighty power of God wherewth he is able to subdue all
to himself yett not a corruptible mortall & vile body as now it is but an
Incorruptable Immortall & perfect body in all points like unto the
glorious body of my Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ Secondly as for my wordly
Estate wherewith it hath pleased God of his infinite goodness to bestow
upon me I dispose thereof in such sort manner & form as are herein
after menconed Imp I give divise and bequeath unto my Sonn Robert
Nicholson All those my Messuages Lands & Tenements herein after
menconed (yt is to say) All that my Burgage or Stonehouse scituat* in
Hexham in a Street there called the Markett Street with all ye app
belonging to the same All that my Close of meadow ground Scituat
lying & being in Hexham Eastfeilds comonly called & known by ye name
of the Comon Stole Close to enter unto at such time as he shall
attaine to ye Age of Eighteene Years & not before and also All that
my Coppyhold Messuage Tenement & Farmhold Scituate in Acomb
aforesaid of the ancient yearly rent of Two Shillings & Six pence wth
all houses & Lands & other rights & Appurts belong to the same
boundering as is menconed in ye division Fyne to enter upon after
the death & decease of my loving wife Jane Nicholson And my Will &
pleasure is that my said loveing wife Jane Nicholson shall have
hold & enjoy the said Coppyhold Messuage Tenement & Farmhold
in Acomb aforesaid for & during her naturall Life Provided
she continue during such time unmarryed & not otherwise but if it
shall happen that my said Wife shall happen to intermarry during
her naturall Life that then it shall & may be lawfull to & for my sd
Sonn Robert immediately to enter into ye said Messuage & Land aforesd

Note: Will, Robert Nicholson, p 2Undated (but must be before date of Inventory on p 70)

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