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Page 68, Inventory, Christopher Stevenson, Undated; Will, Robert Nicholson, Undated, p 1

A true and perfect Inventary of ye Goods and Chattells of
Christopher Stevenson late of Aiton* in ye parish of Allendale
and County of Northumberland Yeom Decd as Followeth
£: s: d
Imps his Horse and Apparell 10: 0: 0:
Eight Kine* 16: 0: 0:
Five Stears 7: 10: 0:
Four Heffers 5: 6: 0:
Two Colts 1: 0: 0:
One Old Mare 0: 10: 0:
Twenty Six Ewes and Lambs 9: 2: 0:
Forty Eight other Sheep 9: 10: 0:
Hay 4: 10: 0:
Household Goods 5: 0: 0:
Item A Mortgage wth Interest 130: 0: 0:
198: 8: 0:
Debts oweing by ye deceased 23: 0: 0:
Funerall Expences 6: 0: 0:
Appzers Names
Hugh Hutchinson
William Magdon
In the Name of God Amen I Robert Nicholson of Acomb in
the County of Northumberland Yeom being through Sickness
weake in body but in perfect mind & memory thanks be to
Almighty God for ye same doe make this my last Will & Testament
in manner & form following (yt is to say) Imps with a free
heart I render & give againe into the hands of my Lord God
& Creato my Spiritt wch he of his fatherly goodness gave unto
me when he first fashoned me in my mothers womb makeing
me a lively & reasonable creature nothing doubting but that
of his infinite mercyes sett forth in ye precious Blood of his dearly
beloved sonn Jesus Christ my onely savio & redeemer he will
receive my soul into his glory & place it in the Company of Heavenly
Angells & blessed saints Item as concerning my body with a good
Will & free heart I give it over comending to the Earth whereof
it came & to be buryed in such decent place & decent manner as
shall seem meet to mine Execut herein after named nothing
doubting but according to ye Article of my faith att the great
day of ye generall resurreccon when we shall appeare before ye
Judgement Seat of Christ I say receive the same body againe

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