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Page 41, Will, Richard Gibson, 8 January 1697, p 2

Backhouses thereunto belonging (Except ye house wherein Robert Bell
Butcher now liveth) and also All that Close lying in Hencoats Fields in
Hexham aforesaid called ye Townhead Close and as to all that Barn and
Garth in ye Hall banck head (Except a Barnstead out of ye said Garth)
with ye Apps my Will & pleasure is that ye said Edward Browell & his
Heires Together with ye Consent & approbacon of my sd Executrix
shall and may demise lett to farme sell & dispose thereof or of any pt
or parcell thereof for ye paymt of Eighty pounds I owe & am indebted
unto Robert Allgood of Newcastle Esq and after payment shall be
made of ye said sume and Interest for ye same then my will & pleasure is
further that ye said Edward Browell and his Heires shall be & stand
seised thereof for ye further uses intents & purposes herein after
menconed (vizt) as to ye said Messuage* wherein I now live (Except before
Excepted) and also except ye Chambers Cuthbert Robinson now has in
possession and ye Backhouse wherein Cuthbert Bell now liveth)* wth
ye Apps And also ye said Close called ye Townhead Close and ye Barn &
ye Garth on ye Hall bank head (Except before Excepted) with the
Apps and every part thereof to ye use and behoof* of my loveing wife
Barbara Gibson for and during ye Term of her naturall life if she
shall so long continue sole & unmarried & no longer and after paymt
of ye said sume of Eighty pounds and my wifes marriage or decease
wch shall first happen then to & for ye use of my Edest* sonne Christo
Gibson his Heires & Assignes for ever And as to ye Chambers wherein
ye said Cuthbert Robinson liveth and ye said house wherein the said
Cuthbert Bell liveth my will & pleasure is that ye sd Edward Browell
shall stand & be seised therof to & for ye use of my Eldest sonne
Christopher Gibson his heires & Assignes for ever after payment of ye
said Eighty pounds to ye said Robert Allgood his Execs & Assignes And
as to and for ye said house wherein ye said Robert Bell lives And
all that my Close in ye East Fields of Hexham aforesaid called the
Round Close and ye said Barnstead in ye said Garth in ye Hall banck head
my will & pleasure further is that ye said Edward Browell and his
heires stand seised of ye same to and for ye use and behoofe of my
Youngest son John Gibson his heires & Assignes for ever As to my
Coppyhold Messuages Burgages* Cottages houses buildings Lands Closes
and grounds with their & every of their Apps wch I have surrendred
by Coppy of Court Roll according to ye Customs of ye mann of Hexham
& Anicke Grainge in ye said County to ye said Edward Browell his heires
& Assignes to ye uses intents & purposes to be limitted by my last
will and Testament herein after menconed (yt is to say) as to that
house in priest pople aforesaid wherein Mr Thomas Hammond
lives and ye one halfe of ye Orchard on ye Bak thereof so farre
as the said house goes and one Acree of Land or ground be ye same
more or less in ye Broadgates with ye Apps to and for ye use of
my second son Bernard Gibson his heires & Assignes for ever
Provided always & never the less if it happen my personall
Estate fall short of and will not amount to pay of ye Debts
I am oweing then my will is that ye said Edward Browell his
heires or Assignes (Together wth my Executrix her consent

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