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Page 14, Will, Richard Ord, 24 August 1676

In the name of God Amen Upon the twenty fourth of
August in ye Twenty Eighth Year of our Kg Charles ye Second. & in ye Year of our
Lord God 1676 I Richard Ord Of Nether Ardley in ye Liberties of Hexham &
County of Northumberland Do make this my last Will & Testamt in manner
& form Following: First I Committ my Soul to Almighty God my Maker
& to Jesus Christ my Redeemer, upon whose meritorious Pasion & Mercy
I Do onely Relye for a Healing Medicine for all my Sores, & Do Hope
for Salvation thorough his Blood To Whom be Glory for ever & ever Amen
And my Body to be Burryed at ye discretion of my friends, leaveing
my Motherlesse (& abt to be Fatherlesse) Children unto ye keeping of
ye Lord: And for my Wordly Estate that hee hath Instrusted me with
here, I Do Order as Followeth: Know Yee then, that is not my
Purpose to Abbrogate or make Null, But that I do hereby Ratifie &
Confirme that Deed of Guift made in ye Year of God (as I remember)
1662: To my father John Ord, & my Trusty Friend Wm Weldone
ye Elder of Adon Sheeles, Alexander Forster then of Over Eschells &
Richard Walton of Peacock house, & now in ye Custody & possession of
ye said Wm Weldon. Of all my Personal Estate for ye Raiseing
& Provideing of Portions to my Six Children Thomas, Richard
Margarett, Barbary, Phebe & Dorcas: And Whereas my Son
Thomas is now dead, It is my Will & Pleasure, That his Share be
equaly divided amongst ye Rest, And likewise my Daughter
Margarett being dead it is my Will & Pleasure that her share
shall be given to her Son Anthony Hedley. Yet be it known, that ye
Real intent then was at ye making of ye Said Deed, & now also
is by this my last Will & Testamt If none of my trusty friends
shall Receive any losse or pjudice by ye sd Deed or any thing therein
conteined, (That is to say) to be compelled by any law or
thereof to raise any sume therein menconed further then can realy
& indeed be made of ye Personal Estate, so that if my sd friends do
meet together & Divide ye said Estate in kind amongst my said Children
& putt it into good hands for their Uses & faithfully lend their best
assistance in ye same: I Do hereby Declare them freed & discharged
of any Engagemt Act or thing done or to be done in ye sd Deed, any
thing therein conteined to ye contrary notwthstanding, Also it is my Will &
pleasure that my Son Richd Ord Shall pay out of my Real Estate unto my
dear Wife Susanna [???] ye sume of Eight pound a Year during her nrall
life: Lastly I Do make & appoint my dear Wife Susanna & my Daughter
Barbary joint Executors of this my last will & Testamt, And likewise
I do order & appoint my trusty friend John Swinburne & my loving Brother
John Ord for to be Supvisors that this may be Executed according as I
have said In Witnesse Whereof I have hereunto sett my hand & Seale
ye day & year first above written: Signed Sealed in ye Psence of Us
John Errington, Robert Brown, Robert Readshaw
Richard Orde

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