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Page 4, Will, George Dawson, 23 November 1685; Will, Thomas Robinson, 2 January 1694/5

In the name of God Amen The Twenty Third of November in the Year of
George} our Lord God 1685 : I George Dawson of ye Hope in ye parish of Allandaile & in the
Dawson} County of Northumberland Yeom being sick of body but of good & pfect memory
thanks be to God Almighty God & calling to remembrance the uncertaine Estate of
this Transitory life & that all flesh must Yeild unto death when it shall please God
to call Doe make constitute ordeine & Declare this my last Will & Testamt in
manner & form following revokeing & annulling by these psents all & every
Testamt & Testamts Will & Wills heretofore by me made & Declared either
by Word or Writeing & this is to be taken onely for my last Will &
Testamt & none other & first being penitent & sorry from ye bottome of
my heart for my Sins past most humbly desireing forgivenesse for the
same : I give & committ my Soul unto Almighty God my Saviour
& Redeemer to whom & by ye merritts of Jesus Christ I trust & beleive
assuredly to be saved & to have full remmission & forgivenesse of all my
Sins & that my Soul with my body at ye generall day of Resurrection
shall rise againe wth Joy & through ye merritts of Christs death & passion
possess & inheritt ye Kingdome of Heaven ppaired for his Elect & chosen
& my body to be Burryed in such place where it shall please my Execut
hereafter named to appoint ; And now for ye settling of my Temporall
Estate & such Goods Chattells as it hath pleased God farr above my
desert to bestow upon me I doe order give & Dispose the same in mann
& form following:- Item I give unto my Daughter Margaret ye Sume of
Seaventy pounds : Item I give unto my Daughter Elizabeth ye Sume
of Sixty pounds : Item I give unto my Son John ye Sume of One pound
Item I give unto my Sonn George ye Sume of One pound : Item I
give unto my Grand Child Ann Dawson ye Sume of Tenn Shillings
Item More I give unto my Sonn George Six Oak Trees : Item I leave
my loveing Wife Executor of all my Goods & Chattells moveable & immov
immoveable whatsoever : Memorandm: If it happen or fall out that I
make not my Daughter Ann a portion out of my Land That she
shall have Tenn pounds of her sister Margarett & Tenn pounds of
her Sister Elizabeth In Witnesse whereof I have hereunto sett
my hand & Seale ye day & Year above written : Signed Sealed and
Delivered in ye psents of Us : Tho: Stephenson Nicholas Peirson.
George Dawson
In the name of God Amen I Thomas Robinson of Batts hill in the
Thomas } parish of Allandaile & County of Northumberland Yeom being in sound &
Robinson} pfect mind & memory but out of health in body praise be therefore
given to Almighty God for it Doe make & ordeine this my last Will &
Testament in manner & form following (that is to say) First I comend
my Soul into ye hand of Almighty God hopeing through the merritts
death & passion of my Saviour Christ to have full & free pardon
& forgivenesse of all my Sinns & to Inherritt Eternall life & my
body I committ to ye Earth to be decently Burryed at ye discretion
of my Executor hereafter named & as touching ye disposition of all
such Temporall Estate as it hath pleased Almighty God to bestow
upon me I give & Dispose thereof as followeth : First I will & require
that my debts & funerall Charges shall be payd & Discharged : Item
I give unto my Sonn John ye One half of my Goods & Chattells
moveable & immoveable & ye other half to my Wife Mary whereby
I make her my full & whole Executrix of this my last Will & Testamt
In Witnesse whereof I have hereunto putt my hand & Seale this
Second day of January Anno Dni 1694/5 Signed Sealed & Delivered
In ye psence of Us Willm: Robinson, Thomas Harrison Robt Baxter.
Tho: Robinson.

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