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Page 2, Will, Mathew Fairlamb, 26 January 1694/5, p 2; Will, John Charleton, 28 January 1694/5

Item as to all ye rest & residue of my Goods & Chattells of what kind nature or quality
soever I give Devise & bequeath unto my said Son Robt Fairlamb to discharge my
funerall Expences & Doe make my said Son Robt Fairlamb Sole Executor of this
my last Will & Testament Item as to ye Tuition as well of my said Son Robt
Fairlamb. as of my Younger Son Mathew Fairlamb (upon whom I have settled
a Copyhold Estate for his mainteinance & provision) I give devise & bequeath ye
same to my sd friend & Brother Robt Fairlamb Bell untill my said Sonns shall
attaine ye severall Ages of Twenty One Yeares & I doe hereby revoke adnull*
& make voyd all former & other Wills by me made & Doe hereby declare this
to be My last Will & Testament In Witnesse whereof I have hereunto
sett my hand & Seale ye Twenty Sixth day of January Anno Dni 1694/5
Signed Sealed & Published by ye sd Mathew Fairlamb In ye psence of
Farr: Armstrong, John Wilkinson, John Bell, John Rowell.
Mathew Fairlamb
In the name of God Amen January ye Twenty Eighth 1694/5 I John
John } Charleton of Acomb in ye parish of St John:lees in ye County of Northumbland
Charleton} Yeoman being sick & weak of body, but of sound & pfect memory praised be God Doe
make & appoint this my last Will & Testamt: in Manner & form following (vizt) First
& principally I bequeath my Soul into ye hands of Almighty God my Creatour
hopeing through ye merritorious death & passion of my Saviour Jesus Christ to obteine
free pardon & remission of all my Sinns & my Body to be burryed at the
discretion of my Executrix hereafter menconed Item I give & bequeath unto my
Eldest Sonn John Charleton Two Oxen & Two Horses with Long Waine & Short
Waine wth Plough & Plough Irons with Husbandry Gear thereunto belonging
to Enter upon* at ye Age of One & Twenty Yeares with ye ground Sown and
Covered Item I give unto my Second Son William Charleton One Long
Waine & One Short Waine with Plough & Plough Gear Irons & Husbandry
Gear thereto belonging to enter upon as soon as he accomplishes ye Age
of One & Twenty Yeares : Item I give unto my Third Sonn George
Charleton One Dwelling house & One Barne adjoyneing thereunto with
One Yard or Back=side with Two Butts of Meadow ground at ye End
thereof Now in ye possession of John Cresswell for ye said George Charleton
to enter upon* at ye accomplishment of the terme of One & Twenty Years
Item I give out of that Moyety* or Farmhold which my Sonn William
Charleton was [F?]yn’d* in or wch may befall his share in this late
Division of Lands according to his proportion what Rents as may accrew over
&above ye Sesses* Taxes or what may be Expended in Suites of Laws or
otherwise to be equally distributed betweene my Son George Charleton & my
Youngest Son Thomas Charleton by my Executrix hereafter menconed Item
I give & bequeath unto my Daughter Margt Charleton ye Sume of Thirty pounds of
currant money of England to be payd at ye accomplishmt of ye Years of One & Twenty : Item
I give & bequeath unto Ann Charleton my Daughter ye Sume of Thirty pounds to be payd
at ye accomplishment of her Age of one & Twenty Yeares Item I give unto my Sonn
John Charleton abovesaid One Bedd=stead wth ye bedding belonging alsoe One Cupboard
both standing in ye forehouse Chamber together with fowerteen furr [deales?]* : Item
I give unto my sd Son Thomas Charleton ye Sume of Tenn pounds to be payd at ye years
of One & Twenty by my Executrix hereafter menconed Lastly I give & bequeath
all ye rest of my Goods & Chattells moveable & immoveable unto my loveing Wife
Ann Charleton whom I appoint to be my sole Executrix of this my last Will &
Testamt To pay my debts Legacies & funerall Expences revokeing all other
Wills by me heretofore made In Witnesse whereof I have hereunto sett my
hand & seal ye day & Year first abovewritten. Sealed Signed Sea & Delivered
In ye Psence of John Ramsay, John Charleton Jun Wm Lee, Leonard Bentham
I Doe also appoint & nominate at ye Sealing & Delivery of this my last
Will & Testamt John Charleton Jun & Wm Lee Trustees to see these
Legacies Discharged & all other things according to ye true intent & meaning
of these psents, & that according to ye best of their knowledge faithfully
& truely managed & carefully Discharged.
John Charleton.

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