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Page 1, Will, Mathew Fairlamb, 26 January 1694/5, p 1

In the name of God Amen I Mathew Fairlamb of Hexham in the
Mathew } County of Northumberland Skinner & Glover sick in body but of good sound & pfect mind & memory
Fairlamb} (thanks be to God) Doe make this my last Will & testamt in manner & form following (that is to say)
First I give & bequeath my Soul into ye hands of Almighty God my heavenly father by
whose abundant mercy I trust to be saved & received into eternall Glory through the
death of my onely Saviour & Redeemer Jesus Christ, And as for my body I freely give
it to ye Earth from whence it was taken to be Interr’d amongst my Anncestors
in such decent manner as to my Executor herein after named shall seem meet and
convenient, And as to my Wordly* Estate wherewith it hath pleased Almighty God
of his infinite goodnesse & mercy to bestow upon me I doe give Devise & dispose thereof
in manner & form following (that is to say) Imps: Whereas I am indebted to severall
psons severall Sumes of money which farr exceeds my Personall Estate & to ye intent
my Debts may be honestly payd I intend by Gods pmission (if it shall please him
to pmitt me to live untill ye Bayliffe of ye Manour cann be gott to take a
Surrender) that I will Surrender:- All that my parcell of arable ground scituate*
lyeing & being in ye Town haugh of Hexham betweene ye lands of John Liddell
Joyner on ye South, & ye lands of Thomas Fenwicke on ye North conteining by estimacon
One Acre of ground be ye same more or less comonly called Arlingtons Acree
to ye Use & behoofe of my Trusty friends Robt Bell ye Younger of High Sheele Skinner
& Glover (my Brother in Law) & Robt Fairlamb of Hexham aforesd Skinner & Glover
their heires & Assignes for ever according to ye Custome of ye Manour of Hexham, And
if I Doe make such or such like Surrender to ye Use of my last Will of that Acre
or parcell of ground then my Will is & I doe appoint & authorize ye sd Robert Bell
& Robert Fairlamb or ye Survivour of them or their heires; That they shall imediately
after my death & decease sell & dispose of that Acre or parcell of ground to ye best
advantage they can & ye money thereby to be raised to satisfye & pay thereout my
just debts & as well to discharge my Executor thereof as that ye Goods & Chattells
by me herein after bequeathed may be & remaine according as herein after is menconed
But in case it shall please Almighty God to take me to himself before the Bayliffe
of ye Manour returne home to take a Surrender of ye abovemenconed Acre or parcell
of ground & that ye sd Acre or parcell of ground descend & come to my Sonn Robert
Fairlamb then my Will is & I doe hereby give devise & bequeath unto my said
Trusty friends Robert Bell & Robt Fairlamb & their heires & Assignes for ever : All that
my Messuage Burgage & Stonehouse wherein I now dwell in St Mary’s Chair in
Hexham under ye Condicons herein after menconed (that is to say) That they or ye One
of them shall & may & my Will is that they or ye One of them Doe & shall
by Mortgage or otherwise charge my sd Messuage Burgage & Stonehouse wth ye Sume
of Forty pounds for ye payment of my debts & continue ye same at Interest & ye
Interest thereof to be payd out of ye rents & profitts of my said house untill my
sd Sonn Robt Fairlamb shall attaine ye age of Twenty One Years that Hee be
capable to sell ye said Acre of land to pay off & satisfye ye said Forty pounds so by
them to be charged on ye said house : But in case I Doe live & Surrender ye said
Acre of ground to ye Uses aforesaid then this Devise of my house to cease & ye same to
Descend & come to my sd Sonn Robt Fairlamb as my Son & Heire as if this my
Will had not been by me made : Item I Doe give Devise & bequeath unto my *
Son Robt Fairlamb his heires & Assignes for ever All that Close or Parcell of ground
called Round Close conteining by Estimation One Acre of meadow ground be it
more or less scituate* in ye West feilds of Hexham wth its rights members &
App:tnces Provided my said Sonn doe pay & my Will & pleasure is that my said
Sonn shall pay unto my Daughter Isabell Fairlamb ye Sume of Tenn pounds
when he shall attaine ye Age of One & Twenty Years & in case he shall die
before he attaines that Age that his next heire Doe & shall pay ye same at the
time he would be of that Age Item I Doe further give Devise & bequeath unto my
said Daughter Isabell All those my household Goods herein after menconed (that
is to say) One Cupboard, Three Tables, One Lang settle Bedd, One furm*, One
Desk, two Chests, One Trunk, three panns, One pott, One Kettle & three little
Wood Chaires wch belonged to her own Mother Item I give Devise & bequeath
unto my said Sonn & Daughter all my Bedd Cloaths & Bedding of what
kind or Sort soever to be equally divided betweene them – Item

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