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Image 387 (unnumbered folio) one receipt

Receipt for a Plaister* or Sear Cloth, for all Sorts of Pains, Strains & Sores.
Take half a pint of Sallad Oil, 3. Ounces of the Oil of Bays*
2. Ounces of Bees Wax, 4. Ounces of Red Lead, Boil all these together
over a Slow Fire Putting in the First the Oils, then the Bees Wax and
Red Lead, when it Begins to Boil, but be sure to keep it Stirring
all the time for fear it Boils over, and when it is Boiled Black
and find it is alike Plaister which will be about half an Hour
then Pour it over into a Pail of Water ’till it be Cold, and Work
it altogether like Paist*, and to make into Rowls** & Keep it
for Use. When you Work it into Rowls, Put a little Oil
on your Hands, and On the Place where you Work it, otherwise
it will stick fast. L Moore
Reggy Banson*
A Pint of Sallad Oil
3. Ounces of Oil of Bays
2. Ounces of Bees Wax
4. Ounces of red Lead

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