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Image 386 (unnumbered folio) two receipts

Butter’d Loaves
11. Yolks of Eggs }
5. Spoonfulls of Cream } Bake this in the Oven
1. Good Spoonfull of Ale Yeast } or the Gridle
Flour to Stir to make Paste }
Brandenburgh. Augt, 27 1765
An easy remedy for the Bite of Mad Dogs has been communicated
by M: Sidlow of Stolzelde near Soldin
It is the Matrisylva*, well known to all the Apothecaries
Ten persons have been Perfectly cured by it, besides an Hundred of Cattle
It has Succeded with Swine, and even with Dogs themselves
It may be given to any person, either green or Dry, in Milk,
or in the Manner of Tea twice a day. No regular dose is
necessary to be Observed.
Newcastle Chronicle Sept. 14 1765

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Transcribed by KS and GB