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Image 383 (unnumbered folio), two receipts

To Make Denzill Onslows* Surfiets** Water.
Takee a Gallon and a half of the Best Brandy, half a Bushell* of Poppes
half a Handfull of Rue*, half a handfull of Wormwood*, one Handfull
of Sage, one Handfull of Balm*, One Handfull of Unsett* Hyssop
One Handfull of Mint, One Handfull Sweet marjoram, half a pound of
Rosa-Solis*, Wash and Pick & Dry these Herbs in a coarse Cloth
then shred them very Fine – Take half a pound of Liquorish*
Scraped and Pulled into Threads. One Ounce of Coriander Seeds
One Ounce of Annaseeds, a few Cloves, all Bruised. a Pound of
Raisins Stoned, One Pound of Loaf Sugar, put all these in an
earthen Jar covered very close, and Set it in a cool Celler
and Stir them twice a day till the Poppies look Pale, put a Little
Saffron in with the other Ingredients, strain it off into
another Jar, and in a Fortnight, when its Settled, bottle it.
Mix the Hearbs that are strained from it with Milk
distill it & ’tis a Cordial Milk Water.
An Electuary* for a Pain in the Stomach
Take Conserve of Wood-Sorrel* and Mithridate* an equal Quantity
Mix altogether, and take Night and Morning the
quantity of a Nutmeg, so do for Fourteen days together
Conserve of Wood Sorrel} Mix’d together as big as a Nutmeg
Mithridate } Fourteen Mornings together

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Transcribed by KS and GB