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Image 380 (unnumbered folio), two receipts

A Drink To Preserve the Lungs.
Take three Pints of Spring Water, put to it an Ounce of Flower of
Sulphur*, and let it Boil on slow Fire ’till half is Consumed
and then let it stand to Settle, and Strain it out, and Pour
it on One Ounce of Liquorish* Scraped, and a Dram of
Coriander Seeds, and as many Annaseeds bruised, let it stand
to Settle, and drink a quarter of a Pint Morning and Evening.
1. Pint of Spring Water
1.Oz. of Flour* of Sulphur
1. Oz. of Liquorish Scrap’d
1. Dram* of Coriander Seeds, Bruis’d
A water to Strenthen the Sight
Take Rosemary flowers, Sage, Betony*, Rue, and Succory*
of each One handfull, infuse these in Two Quarts of Sack*, and
distill them in Alembick*. The Dose is a Spoonfull in the
morning fasting till the Water is Done.

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Transcribed by KS and GB