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Image 377 (unnumbered folio), three receipts

To make Elixir Proprietatis*
Take Myrth* four Drams**, Aloes four Drams, Saffron four Drams
infuse them in a Pint of the Best Brandy, first put in the
Saffron, and let it stand 12 Hours & then the Myrrh & Aloes
set it by the Fire three or Four Days, shaking it very
often, then Strain it Off – Take 60 or 70 Drops
more or less, in a litle White Wine in a Morning fasting
for a Week or Ten Days together, ’tis Good for any
Illness in the Stomach or in the Bowels.
Tis the Best of Physick for Children
4.Drams of Myrrh
4. Drams of Alloes
4. Drams of Saffron
1. Pint of the Best Brandy
Coldes Winter
Garlick } Boil’d in {Tea
Liquorish* } Good Strong {Camamile at 10 o’ Clock
Horse raddish } A Quart* {in the Morning
Rue } To
} A Gill*
Viper Broath

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Transcribed by KS and GB