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Image 375, (unnumbered folio), two receipts

An Opening Drink
Penny-royal all
Red Sage }Of each Put these in Two Gallons of
Liverwort }Two Spring Water, and let it Boil
Horehound* }Handfulls away Two in Three Quarts, then
Maidenhair strain it, and when it is cold
Hysop* Put it in Bottles. Drink half
a pint in a Morning, and
1lb of Figgs } as much in the Afternoon
1lb of Raisins } keep Warm, and Eat Little.
½lb Blue Currants* }Of each
Liquorish* }2. Ounces
Anniseeds }
Coriander Lady }
For a Pain in the Stomach, or Heaviness of Heart
Take a pint of Rosewater, put to it some double Refine Sugar, and
a Pennyworth of Saffron ty’d up in a Peice of Lawn & let it stand
Two or Three Days, & and then at any time take three Spoonfulls.
1. Pint of Rosewater
1. Pennyworth of Safron

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Transcribed by KS and GB