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Image 370 (unnumbered folio), four receipts

Stuffing in the Lungs
Take White Sugar Candy Powdered and Sifted Two Ounces, China*
Roots Powder’d and Sifted One Ounce, Flowers of Brimstone*
One Ounce. Mix these with Conserve of Roses, or the Pap
of an Apple, and take the Bigness of a Walnutt in the
Morning, fasting an Hour after it, and the last at Night
An Hour after you have eaten or Drank
For the Strangury*
Take Three Handfulls of the Juice of Camomile in a Small Glass
of White Wine, Thrice a day for Three days together
For a Good Purge.
Infuse an Ounce of Sena* in a Pint of Water till half be Consumed, and
when ‘tis Cold, add to it, One Ounce of Syrup of Roses, and
One Ounce of Syrup of Buckthorn*, Mix them well together
this Quantity Makes two Strong Purges for either Man or
Woman, and four for a Child
For Costiveness*
Take Virgin Honey a quarter of a pound, and Mix it with as
Much Cream of Tarter as will bring it to thick a pretty thick
Electuary*, of which take the Bigness of a Walnutt when you Please
And for your Breakfast eat Water Gruel with Common Mallows*
Boil it, and a Good Piece of Butter, the Mallows must be Chopt
small, and eaten with the Gruel

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Transcribed by GB and KS