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Image 369 (unnumbered folio), three receipts

A Receipt that cured a Gentleman who had a Long time Spitt Blood
in a Great Quantity, and was wasted with a Consumption
Take of The Hysop* water, and of the Purest Honey, of each a Pint, of Agrimony*
and Colesfoo Coltsfoot*, of each a handfull, a Sprig of Rue, Brown
Sugar Candy, Liquorish* Slic’d, shavings of Hartshorn* of each Two Ounces
Annaseeds Bruised One Ounce, of Figs. Slic’d, Raisins of the Sun Ston’d
of each Four Ounces, put them all into a Pipkin* with a Gallon of Water
and Boil it Gently over a moderate Fire till half is Consumed, then
strain it, and when it is cold Put it into Bottles, being close Stop’t.
take Four or Five Spoonfulls every Morning, at Four in the
afternoon, and at night the Last thing, if you add Fresh Water
to the Ingredients after the First Liquor is Strain’d off, you will
have a Pleasant Drink to be Us’d at any time when you are dry.
For the Jaundice
Take some Tares* (Such as you Feed Pidgeons with) and dry them
in the Oven, and Beat them to Powder, and Sift them, and take
a Spoonfull of that Powder in a Morning fasting, and Drink half
a Pint of White Wine after it, and do this for three Mornings together
and it will cure tho’ very far gone.
A Draught for a Feaver
Make Barley Water, Sweeten it with Hysop of Violetts, and Tincture it with
Spiritt of Vitriol* & let them Drink sometimes of this, Put Salprunella*
in Beer or Possett* Drink, and sometimes drink of that, And if
they are Sick or faint, give a Spoonfull of Cordial in a Dish of Tea.

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Transcribed by GB and KS