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Image 368 (unnumbered folio), one receipt

To Make Hiera-pica Picra*
Take a Dram of Hiera Picra, & a Dram of Cocheneal, and Two Drams
of Annaseeds, beat them all very fine, then put them into a Bottle
with a Pint of the Best Sack*, and a Pint of Brandy. Shake them well
altogether Five or Six days, then let it stand to Settle 12 Hours
so pour it off into another Bottle clear from the Dregs, and
keep it for Use. It is very good against the Colick or
Stomach ack and removes anything that offends the Stomach
Take Four Spoonfulls of it Fasting, and Fast Two Hours
after it. You must take it constantly 3. Weeks or a Month
and it is well to Drink the following Drink after it
Take new lay’d Eggs and Break them, save the Shells
and Pull off the Skin that is in the Inside, dry the Shells
and Beat them to Powder, Sift them and Part put Six
Spoonfulls of this Powder into a Quart of these Waters, half
a Pint of Mint Water, half a Pint of Black Cherry Brandy
Water. Take a quarter of a Pint at a time, shaking the
Glass when you pour it out. Take this 3. times a day
at 11. in the Morning at 3. in the afternoon at 8. at night
and you should take it as long as you take Hiera-picra.

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Transcribed by GB and KS