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Image 367 (unnumbered folio), one receipt

To Make a Strong Mead
Take of Spring Water what Quantity you please, and make it More
than Blood Warm and Disolve Honey in it till ‘tis strong enough
to Bear an Egg, the Breadth of a Shilling, then Boil it Gentlely near
an Hour, taking off the Scum as it Rises, then put to about
Nine or Ten Gallons, Seven or Eight large Blades of Mace*
three Nutmegs Quarter’d Twenty Cloves, three or Four Sticks of
Cinnomon. Two or three Roots of Ginger, and a quarter of an Ounce
of Jamaica Pepper, put these Spices into the Kettle to the Honey and
Water a whole Lemon, with a Sprig of Sweet Bryer*, and a Sprig
of Rosemary, tie the Brier and Rosemary together, and when they
have boiled a little while, take them out and throw them away
but let your Liquor stand on the Spice in a Clean earthen Pott till
the next day, then strain it into a Vessel that is for it, put
the Spice in a Bag, and hang it in the Vessell, stop it
and at three months Draw it into Bottles. Be sure that ‘tis
fine when ‘tis Bottled, after ‘tis Bottled Six Weeks ‘tis
fit to drink

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Transcribed by GB and KS