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Image 365 (unnumbered folio), three receipts

The Saffron Cordial
Fill a Large Still with Marigold Flowers, and Stew* on it an Ounce of
Case Nutmegs, that is, the Nutmegs that have the Mace on them beat
them Grosly*, and take an ounce of the Best English Saffron, Pull it
and Mix it with the Flowers, then take three Pints of Muscadine* or
Tent*, or Malaga Sack*, and with a Sprig of Rosemary dash it on the
Sack Flowers, then Distill it off with a Slow Fire, and let it Drop on
White Sugar Candy, draw it off till it begins to Sowre*, Save a Pint of
the First Running to mix with other Waters, on Extraordinary Occation
Mix the Rest together to drink by it self. This Cordial is Excellent
in Fainting, and for the SmallPox, or Ague, take Five or Six
Spoonfulls at a time
For a Cough Settled in the Stomach
Take half a pound of Figgs, as many Raisins of the Sun stoned a stick
of Liquorish* scrap’d and Slic’d a Few Anniseeds, a Few Sweet Fennel Seeds
and some Hysop* wash’d. Boil all these in a Quart of Spring Water
till it comes to a Pint, strain it, and Sweeten it very well with White
Sugar Candy. Take Two or three Spoonfulls of it Morning and
night & when you please
A Drink to Preserve the Lungs
Take Three Pints of Spring Water, put to it an ounce of Flour of
Sulphur*, and let it Boil on a Slow Fire till half is Consumed
then let it stand to Settle, and Strain it out, and Pour it on One
Ounce of Liquorish Scrap’d, and a Dram of Coriander Seeds
and as many Annaseeds bruised, let it stand to Settle, and Drink
a quarter of a Pint Morning and Night

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Transcribed by GB and KS