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Image 364 (unnumbered folio), four receipts

To Cure a Pimpled Face, and Sweeten the Blood
Take Sena* One Ounce, Put it in a Small Stean** Pott, and Pour a Quart
or more of Boiling Water on it, then put in as many prunes
as you can get in, cover with paper, and Set it in the Oven
with Houshold Bread, and take of this every day, one Two or Three
or more of the Prunes and Liquor according as it opperates
Continue this always or at least half a year
A Remedy for Pimples
Pimples Take Wheat Flour mingled with Honey and Vinegar going to Bed
For the Scurvy or Dropsy
Stamp* and Strain the Jouce** of the Leaves of Elder, and to a Quarter
of a Pint of Jouce put so much White Wine, Warm it a little
and Drink it off, and do this for Four or Five Mornings together
If it Purge you it will certainly do good. Take this in the Spring
For the Teeth
Take a Pint of Spring Water, put to it Six Spoonfulls of the
Best Brandy, and Wash the Mouth often with it, and in
the Morning roll a Bitt of Allam*, a little while in the Mouth
A Pint of Spring Water
6 Spoonfulls of the Best Brandy
A Bitt of Allam

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Transcribed by GB and KS