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Image 363 (unnumbered folio), two receipts for wine

To make Cowslip Wine.
To Six Gallons of Water put Fourteen pounds of Sugar, stir it well
together, and Beat the Whites of Twenty Eggs very well, and Mix
it with the Liquor, and make it Boil as fast as Possible, Scum it
well, and let it continue boiling Two Hours then strain it thro’ a Sieve
and Set it a cooling, and when ‘tis as Cold as Wort* should be, put a
Small quantity of Yest* to it on a Toast**, or in the a Dish. Lett it
stand all night Working, then Bruise a Peck* of Cowslips, and put them
into your Vessell, and your Liquor upon them, Six Ounces of Syrup
of Lemons, cut a Turf of Grass and lay on the Bung, let it stand
a Fortnight and then Bottle it. Put your Tap into your Vessell
before you put your Wine in, that you may not shake it.
To make Orange Wine.
Put Twelve Pounds of fine Sugar, and the Whites of Eight Eggs well beaten
into Six Gallons of Spring Water, let it Boil an Hour, Scumming it all
the time, take it off, and when ‘tis Pretty Cool, put in the Jouce* and Rind of
Fifty Sevil Oranges, Six Spoonfulls of Good Ale Yest, and let it stand
Two days, then put it into your Vessell with Two Quarts of Rhenish*
Wine, and the Jouce of Twelve Lemons. You must let the Jouce of
Lemons and Wine, and Two pounds of double Refin’d Sugar stand
Close cover’d Ten or Twelve Hours before you put it in the Vessell
to your Orange Wine, and Scum off the Seeds before you put it in
The Lemon Peels must be put in with the Oranges, half the Rinds
must be put into the Vessel, it must stand Ten or Twelve days
before ‘tis fit to Bottle

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Transcribed by GB and KS