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Image 362 (unnumbered folio), two receipts

To make Gripe Water*
Take Two Dozen Bunches of Pennyroyal* shred grosly**. Then
take Coriander Seeds, Annaseeds, Sweet Fennell Seeds
Carraway Seeds. Bruise them all, and put them
to the Herbs in an earthen Pott mix them to the Herbs
together, and Sprinkle on them a Quart of Brandy
let them stand all night, the next day distil it off
and take Six, Seven, or Eight Spoonfulls of this Water
Sweetened with Syrup of Gilliflowers*. Drink it warm
and go to Bed, cover very Warm, to Sweat if you,
and Drink some of it as long as the Gripes continue
For a Cough settled on the Stomach
Take half a pound of Figgs Sliced, Raisins of the Sun ston’d
as many, and a stick of Liquorish* scrap’d and slic’d
A Few Annaseeds, and some Hysop* Wash’d Clean, put all
these in a Quart of Spring Water, boil it till it comes to
a Pint, then strain it, and Sweaten it with White Sugar Candy
Take 2. or 3. Spoonfulls Morning and Night, and
when the Cough troubles you

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Transcribed by GB and KS