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Image 361 (unnumbered folio), four receipts

Biting of a Mad Dog
Primrose Roots Stamp’d* in White Wine and Strain’d
Lett the Patient Drink a Gode Draught
A Good Seed Cake
Take Two pounds of the Finest Flour well dried
2 lbs of Fresh Butter Rubb’d well in
10. Eggs leave out 5. Whites
3. Spoonfulls of Cream
4. Spoonfulls of Yest*
Mix all these well together and Set it on the Fire, not too near
when tis well risen, put a Pound of Carraway Comfect*.
An Hour & Quarter will bake it
Mountain Wine
Pick out the Big Stackls* of your Malaga Raisins then Chop
them very Small, Five Pounds to every Gallon of Cold Spring Water
let them steep a Fortnight or more, Squeeze out your Liquor and
Barrel it in a Vessell fit for it, First fume* the Vessell with
Brimstone*, don’t it stop it up till the Hissing is over.
To make Popppy Brandy Stitch Water.
Take a Gallon of New Ale Wort* and put to it as much Stone horse**
Dung from the Horse as will make it pretty thick, add to this a Pound
of London Treacle, Two Pennyworth of Ginger sliced, and Six pennyworth
of Saffron, Mix these together, and distill it off in a Cold Still
Take three or four Spoonfulls at a time

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Transcribed by GB and KS