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Image 360 (unnumbered folio), one receipt

To make Red Balls*
Take Rue Gater these in Dry Weather, & Pick
Dragon and Chop them, put them in a Broad
Rosemary Pan, and pour on them a Pint of White
Sage Wine, and let it stand Nine or Ten
Balm Days in the Sun, Stirring it
Betony sometimes, then strain it out
Palantine Squeezing it with your Hand,
Pimpernel Wipe your Pan clean, and put
Dandelion in your Jouce*, with half an Ounce
Scabious of Powder of Pearl – Prepared
Wormwood half an Ounce of Venice Treakle
Mugwort half an Ounce of Powder of Coral
Saxafrage Powder of Crabbs Claws Two
Red-Bramble top Ounces, One Ounce of double
Tormentil Confection of Alkermes, and
Shepherds Purse of Bole-Armoniack powder’d
Lovage as much as will make it the
Cardius thickness of a Syrup, let it stand
Centaury in the Sun, to dry Two or three
Angelica days. Or till it will roll up into Balls
Agrimony but What Size you please if
Tea tis too thin use more Bole-Armoniack
Fumatory dry them well and keep them for use
Scordium Scrape as much as will lie on a
Of each a Handfull Sixpence, and take it in a Glass of
Sack, or Small Cordial, going to

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Transcribed by JM and CTW