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Image 356 (unnumbered folio), one receipt

For the Gout.
Take a Pound of Beeswax, and half a Pound of Rosin, of Olibanum
Four Ounces, of Litharge of Gold Finely powder’d, and White lead
of each Twelve ounces, of Neats Foot Oil, a Pint, Set the Oil
together with the Beeswax and Rosin over the Fire, and Pour
it on a Board anointed with Neats Foot Oil, and make it into Rolls
apply this Plaister. Spread on Sheeps leather, to the Part Affected
Once a Week, take the of Caryocostinum*, the quantity of a Large
Nutmeg desolved in White Wine keeping your self warm after it
by applying this Plaister, and taking the Caryocostinum, the quantity
of a large Nutmeg disolved in White Wine, keeping your Self warm
after it, by applying this Plaister and taking the Caryocostinum,
there are many which have found very great Benefitt.
1lb. of Beeswax
½ lb. Rosin
4. Oz. Olibanum
Litharge of Gold Finely Powder’d
1. Pint of Neats Foot Oil.
Of Caryocostinum & What it is.
The quantity of a Large Nutmeg, disolved in White Wine

Note: This remedy is copied from a book by physician Richard Lower (see People and Places)

Abbreviations are underlined like this Wm. and the expansion may be seen by moving the cursor over it.

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Transcribed by JM and CTW