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Image 355 (unnumbered folio), regimen continued

6th Every Morning before you arise, to have your Feet, Leggs,
Arms and Hands, well Rubb’d with Pieces of Woollen Cloth for half
an Hour, and the same going to Bed. This Article must
be strictly observed for by this Means the Humours* Knobs, and Bunches
will be dissipated, and prevent them Fixing in the Joints, by which they
become Useless.
8th. You must accustom your Self to Exercise your Self
as Riding on Horse back, which is best, or in any Coach, Chaise &c
the More the Better, but take Care of the Cold Weather, Winds & Rain.
Lastly. In Case a Fitt of the Gout should return, and be
Violent, which they are of Opinion will not, then a little Dose of
Opium or Laudanum, may be taken to compose you, but no oftener
than Necessity requires. They are of opinion, that your Father
or Mother having the Gout, is of no Consequence, If you will resolve
to follow the foregoing Directions strictly.

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Transcribed by JM and CTW