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Image 354 (unnumbered folio), a regimen for the gout

Professors Boerhaave & Osterdyke’s* Regimen Prescribed
for the Gout
They are of the opinion that the Gout is not to be cured by any other
means but by a Milk Diet, which will in Twelve Months time
alter the whole Mass of Blood, and in order therefor, the following
Directions must be strictly observed and follow’d.
1st. You must not taste any Liquor, only a mixture of thir
One third milk and two thirds Water, your Milk as new as you
can get it, and to drink it as often as you have occasion
for it, without adding any others to it. A little Tea and
Coffee is likewise permitted with milk.
2nd. In a morning as soon as awake, and the Stomach
has made a Digestion, you must drink eight Ounces
of Spring Water, and first Two hours after then eat Milk and
Bread, Milk-Pottage, or Tea with Milk, with a little Bread
and Fresh Butter.
3rd. At Dinner you must eat anything but what
is made of Barley, Oats, Rice, or Millett Seed, Carrotts, Potatoes
Turnips, Spinnage, Beans, Pease &c. you may likewise eat
Fruit when full ripe, baked Pears or apples, Apple=Dumplins,
but above all Milk and Biskett is very Good, but nothing
Salt or Sour, not even a Seville-Orange.
4th. At Supper you must eat nothing But Milk & Bread
5th. It is necessary to go to Bed betimes* even before Nine Oclock,
to accustom your Self to Sleep much, and use your Self to it

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