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Image 353 (unnumbered folio), one receipt

A Purging Diet Drink
Take of Garden Scurvey Grass* Six Handfulls, WaterGraCresses and
Brooklime of each Four Handfulls, Peach-Blossoms four Handfulls,
Nettle Tops and Fumitory of each three Handfulls Monks rhubarb*
Four Ounces, Sena Four Ounces, China two Ounces. Sarsaparilla*
three Ounces, Rhubarb One Ounce, Coriander & Sweet Fennel Seeds,
of each half an Ounce, Cut the Hearbs, Slice the Roots, Bruise the
Seeds, put them in a thin Bag, and hang them in Four Gallons
of Small Ale, after three days drink a Pint of it every morning
be regular in Diet; eat Nothing Salt or Sower Sowre
6. Handfulls of Scurvy Grass
Water Cresses } each
Brooklime } Four
Peach Blossoms } Handfulls
Nettle Tops } of each
Fumitory } Three
} handfulls
Monks Rubarb 4.oz
Sena 4.oz
China 2.oz
Sarsaparilla 3.oz
Rubarb 1.oz
Coriander } each
Sweet Fennell Seeds } ½ oz

Abbreviations are underlined like this Wm. and the expansion may be seen by moving the cursor over it.

An entry outlined like this has a note which may be seen by hovering over it.

Transcribed by JM and CTW