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Image 351 (unnumbered folio), one receipt

Admirable Tincture for Green Wounds*
Balsam of Peru One Ounce, Storax Calamita Two Ounces, Aloes Socatrina*
Two Ounces, Benjamin* three Ounces, Aloes Socatrina, Myrth**,
Electuary Pure*, and Frankincense, of each half an Ounce, Angelica
Roots and Flowers of St John’ Wort of each half an Ounce
Spirit of Wine half an Ounce One Pint, beat the Druggs, Scrape and
Slice the Roots, and put it into a Bottle, stop it well, and let it
stand in the Sun July, August & September and then strain it thro’
a Fine Linnen Cloth, put it in a Bottle, Stop it Close, and keep it
for Use & Apply it to a Green Wound, dip a Feather in it, and
anoint the Wound, then Dip Lint to in it, and put on it, and Bind
it up with Cloth, but let the Plaister touch it, twice a day
wet the Lint with a Feather, but not take it off till tis well
1.Oz of Peru {
2.Oz Storax Calamita {
3.Oz Benjamin {
Socatrina } {
½ Oz Myrth } {
½ Oz Electuary Pure } {
½ Oz Frankincense } {
½ Oz Angelica Roots & Flowers {
½ Oz of St John Wort {
Spirit of Wine One Pint {

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Transcribed by JM and CTW