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Image 349 (unnumbered folio), three receipts

For a Dropsy
Take of Horse Reddish* Roots sliced thin, and Sweet-Fennel Seeds,
Bruis’d, of each Two Ounces, Smallage* and Fennel Roots Sliced
of each an Ounce, of the Topps of Thyme, Winter Savery, Sweemarjorum
Water-Cresses and Nettles, of each a Handfull, Bruise the Herbs, and Boil
them in three Pints of Sack* and Three of Water for the Consumption of
half, let it stand close cover’d for 3. Hours, then strain it and
Drink a Draught of it twice a day, Sweetened with Syrup of
Fennell, fasting two Hours after it
2Oz Horse Reddish Roots, Sliced thin
2Oz Sweet Fennel Seeds Bruised
1.Oz Smallage }
1.Oz of Fennel Roots }
Thyme the Topps }
Winter Savery } of each
Sweet marjoram } A Handfull
Water Cresses }
Nettles }
For the Gripes*
Take a Glass of Sack warm’d, and Disolve in it as much
Venice Treakle or Diascordium* as a Hazel-Nut & drink it off
going to Bed; cover it warm
Stay a Loosness
Take a very Good Nutmeg and Prick it full of Holes, and toast it
on the Point of a Knife; then Boil it in Milk till much be
consumed, then eat the milk with the nutmeg Powder’d in it,
in a Few times it will Stop

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Transcribed by JMCN and CTW