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Image 347 (unnumbered folio), two receipts

Receipt for Colds
Take Venice Treakle half a Dram, Powder of Snake Root* 12. Grains
Powder of Saffron 6. Grains, Volatile Salt of Hartshorn* 4. Grains
Syrup of Cloves a Sufficient Quantity to make it to a Bolus*
To be taken going to Rest, Drinking a Large Draught of
Warm Mountain Whay*[*] after it
NB Those who can’t afford Mountain Whey, may Drink
Treakle Possett
To Such Constitutions as can’t be provok’t to Sweat, opening a Vein
or a Gentle Purge, will be of Great Service
½ Dram Venice treakle
12. Grains of the Powder of Snake Root
6. Grains of the Powder of Saffron
4. Grains of the Volatile Salt of Hartshorn
Syrup of Cloves a Sufficient Quantity
to make it into a Bolus
Receipt Recipe for a Sore Throat
Take half a pound of Figgs, put them into a quart of Spring Water
and let them simmer over a Slow Fire till better than One Half is
waisted*, in the meantime a Large lemon, cut it in Slices, and between
every slice put some Brown Sugar. Candy and let it stand before
the Fire to roast. The Strain the Figgs, and Squeeze them
through a coarse Cloth, Put the Jouce of the Lemon into it,
and let the person gargle his throat with it warm

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Transcribed by JMCN and CTW