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Image 345 (unnumbered folio), two receipts

Barley Water
Take Pearl Barley four ounces, put it in a Large Pipkin*, and Cover
it with Water, when the Barley is thick and Tender, put in more Water
and Boil it again, and so do till ’tis of a Good thickness to Drink
then put in a Blade or Two of Mace, or a Stick of Cinnamon
Let it have a Walm* or two and Strain it out, and Squeese in the
Jouce of Two or three Lemons, and a Bit of Peel, and Sweaten* it
to your taste with Fine Sugar, let it stand till ’tis Cold
and then Run it thro a Bag and Bottle it out, it will keep three
or Four days
A Rye Bread Pudding
Take half a pound of Sowre* Rye Bread grated, half a Pound of Beef Suet
finely Shredd, half a pound of Currants clean Washed, half a Pound
of Sugar, a Whole Nutmeg Grated, mix all well together, with Five
or Six Eggs, Butter a Dish, Boil it an Hour and a Quarter
and Serve it up with Melted Butter
½ lb Brown Bread Grated }
½ lb Suet finely Shred }
½ lb Currant Clean Washed }
½ lb Sugar }
A Whole Nutmeg Grated }
6 Eggs }

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Transcribed by JMCN and CTW