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Image 343 (unnumbered folio), four receipts

For the Scurvey Mary Thirkelds Scurvey Bottle
Take a pound of Guaiacum-Bark* 1/-**Take a pound of Guaiacum-Bark* 1/-**
½ lb of Sassafras*
½ lb of Liquorish
Boil All these in three quarts of Water till it comes to
three pints, and when it is Cold, put it in a Vessel with Two
Gallons of Ale, in 3 or 4 days it is fitt to Drink for 6. or 12
months, according to the Violence of the Distemper – it will
certainly Cure
For the Cramps
Take Rosemary Leaves and Chop them very small and Sew them in
fine Linnen and make them into Garters, and Wear the Night
and day and lay a Down-Pillow on your leggs in the night
For the Collick
Take half a Pint of Dr Steven’s Water* / Shake the Bottle
As much Plague Water* / and take four or
As much Juniper Berry / Five Spoonfulls
And and Ounce of Powder of Rhubarb / at a time when the Fitt
/ is on you, or likely to come
Roasted Apples, Honey, and Butter/ Mixed together for a Supper
Good for a Cold or any Disorder in the Breast
Treake 1 lb – 2 ½ } Mix’d together for a Cold, or the Stoppage in the
Allicompain* Powderd 1 } Breast 2. Spoonfulls morning and night
Liquorus Powder* 1 }
Brimstone* Powder 1 }
5 ½ }

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Transcribed by JMCN and CTW