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Image 342 (unnumbered folio), three receipts

A Rare Mouth Water
Take Rosemary, Rue, Celandine, Plantane, Bramble Leaves
Woodbine Leaves and Sage, of each an Handfull, Beat them
and Steep them in a quart of the Best White Wine Vinegar Two
days and nights, then Press it well and Strain it and Put to it
Six Ounces of Allam, and as much Honey and Boil them a little
together softly till the Allam is Consumed, when ’tis Cold, keep it
for use
To Cure the Dropsy
Take Six Gallons of Ale Pretty Strong but little Hopt*, then take
Alexander } Then Strain it out, and when its
Red Sage } Cool, Work it as other Ale, Put
Scurvy Grass } it in your Vessel, and when it
Grundivy* } is clear – Drink of it in a
and the Long green Leaves } Morning Fasting, And Drink
of Flower de luce*, of each } no other Drink except White Wine
Two Handfulls, Bruise these } sometimes Drink good Draughts
well, and them well in Ale } Of it at a time
To Cure a Pimpled face and Sweeten the Blood
Take Sena One Ounce, put it in a Small Stean* Pot, and Power Pour
a quart or more of Boiling Water on it then put as many Prunes
as you can get in, cover with Paper, and Set it in the Oven
with Household Bread and take of this every day One, Two
or Three or more of the Prunes and Liquor, according as it
operates, Continue this always, or at least half a year
1. oz Sena
1. Quart of Boiling Water

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Transcribed by JMCN and CW