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Image 341 (unnumbered folio), five receipts

To make a Fever Water.
Take of Virginia Snake Root* Six ounces, Carduus* seeds Four
Ounces, and Marigold-flowers Four ounces, Twenty Green Walnutts
Carduus Water still’d Two Quarts, as much hot Poppy Water,
Two Ounces of Hartshorn, slice the Wallnutts and Steep all in the
Waters a Fortnight, then Add to it an Ounce of London Treackle*
and distill it all in an Alembeck Pasted up, three Drops of Spiritt
of Amber* in three Spoonfulls of this water will deliver a Woman of a
Caraway Brandy
Steep an Ounce of Carraway Seeds, and Six Ounces of Sugar in a quart
of Brandy, let it steep nine days, and clear it oft, ’tis a Good
A Fine Purge
Take an ounce of Liquorish, scrape it and Slice it thin, and a Spoonfull
of Coriander-Seeds bruised, put these into a Pint of Water and Boil
it a little, then strain this water into an Ounce of Sena, let it stand
Six hours, Strain it from the Sena and Drink it fasting.
For the Gripes
Take a Glass a Sack warm’d, and disolve in it as much Venice Treakle
or Diascordium* as a Hazell Nut, drink it off going to Bed
Cover Warm
Cure for the Bite of a Mad Dogg
Take 2 quarts of Strong Ale, Two Pennyworth of Treakle Two Garlick
Heads, An Handfull of Cinquefoil*[*], Sage and Rue, Boil them altogether
to a quart, strain it, and give the Patient three or Four Spoonfulls
twice a day – Take Bittany, Agrimony and Rusty Bacon* beaten well
together – and apply the sore to keep it from Festering

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Transcribed by JMCN and CTW