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Image 340 (unnumbered folio), three receipts

A Purging Diet Drink in the Spring
6 Gallons of Ale } Slice and cut these, put them
3. ozs of Ruberb* } in a Bag, and let it
12. ozs of Sena * } Work in the Ale
12. ozs of Madder-Roots* } Drink of it Three
12. Handfulls of Scabious } or Four times a Day
12 ozs of Dock Roots }
12. Handfulls of Agrimony* }
3. Ounces of Annaseed }
To make an Oatmeal Caudle*
Take 2 Quarts of Ale and One of Stale Beer, and Two Quarts
of Water, mix them altogether.And Add to it Two Spoonfulls
of Pott Oatmeal, Twelve Cloves, Five or Six Blades of Mace
and a Nutmeg quartered or Bruised, Set it over the Fire
and let it Boil half an Hour, stirring it all the while
then Strain it out through a Sieve, and put in near
a pound of Fine Sugar, and a bit of Lemon Peel
Poor it into a Pan and cover it Close that it may not
Scum, warm it as you use it-
To make A Syrop of Garlick
Take 2 Heads of Garlick, Peel it clean and Boil it in a Pint of Water
a pretty while, then put away that Water, and put a Pint More
to your Garlick, and Boil it till the Garlick is tender, then straining
it [off?] – Add a pound of double refined Sugar to it – and Boil it
in Silver or Tin till ’tis a thick Syrup. Scum it well & keep
it for Use, and take a Spoonfull in a Morning fasting another
last at Night for a short Breath

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN