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Image 339 (unnumbered folio), various recipes

To make Elder Ale*
Take Ten Bushells of Malt to a Hogshead*, then put Two Bushells
of Elder:Berries Pick’d from the Stalks into a Pott, or earthen Pan;
and Set it in a Pott of Boiling Water till the Berries Swell-
then Strain it out and put the Juice into the Guile-fat,* and Beat
it often in, and so order is as the Common way of Brewing
An Opening Drink*
Take Pennyroyal } {1lb Figgs }
Red Sage } Of each {1lb Ston’d Raisins } Of each
Liverwort } 2. Handfulls {½lb Blue Currants } Two Ounces
Horehound } {Liquorish }
Maidenhair } {Annaseeds }
Hysop } {Coriander Seeds }
Put all these in Two Gallons of Spring Water, and let it Boil
away Two or Three quarts, then Strain it, and when it is Cold put it
in Bottles-Drink half a Pint in a Morning, and as much in the
afternoon, keep Warm, & eat Little
To make Hungry Water*
Take Four Ounces of Rosemary flowers, and a Pint of Spiritts of
Wine, infuse it 12. Hours, & Draw it off in a Glass Still
Milk Waters
Wormwood Take Two good Handfulls of Wormwood, as much Carduus,* as much Rue
Carduus Four Handfulls of Mint, as much Balm, half as much Angelica, cut
Rue these a Little, put them into a Cold Still*, and put to them three quarts
Mint of Milk, let your Fire be quick, till your Still drops then a little
Balm Flour. You may draw off two quarts, the first quart will keep
Angelica all the years, this is extraordinary Good in Fevers, Sweetnd* with
Sugar or Syrup of Cloves-

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN