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Image 336 (unnumbered folio), seven receipts

To make Carraway Brandy Collick
Steep an Ounce of Carraway Seeds } Rue } of each an
& 6 Ounces of Sugar in a Quart } Camomile Water} ounce
of Brandy, let steep nine days } Cinnamon Water 1. oz
and Clear it off: ’tis a good } Syrop of Poppies
1. oz Carraway Seeds } Purging
6. ozs Sugar } Liquorish } Boil in
1. Quart of Brandy } Corriander Seeds} Water
Steep Nine Days } Sena }
A Water to Strenthen the Sight Pimples in the Face
Rosemary Flowers} of each Rue } Boil Chop’d &
Sage } a Handfull Hoggs Lard} Disolv’d together
Betony* }
Rue } Stomach. Cough
& Succory* } ½ lb Figgs }
Infuse these into Two Quarts ½ lb Raisins of the Sun }
of Sack, and Distill them in a Stick of Liquorish }
an Alembick*. The Dose is a a Few Annaseeds }
Spoonfull in a Morning Fasting Some Hysop Wash’d }
till the Water is done
Put these in a quart of
Redness in the Face Spring water and Boil it to
Take Rue & Chop it, boil it in a Pint, then strain it &
Hogs-lard ’till ’tis Green, sweeten with white Sugar candy
Strain it out, & keep it for Use Take 3. or 4. Spoonfulls in a
Warm a little in a Spoon, & with morning or when the Cough
a Feather anoint the Face, as they troubles you
begin to shell off, do it as Very good Cordial
often as convenient
Or for Small Rose pimples

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN